ArtUs-EXT-1H has used in several research fields, the related publications covered in OB/GYN field (1 paper) and MSK field (4 papers).
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  1. Title: Tactile and Ultrasound Image Fusion for Functional Assessment of the Female Pelvic Floor (System: ArtUs EXT-1H) [PDF Link]


  1. Title: A novel quantitative and reference‐free ultrasound analysis to discriminate different concentrations of bone mineral content (System: ArtUs EXT-1H, Probe: L15-7H40-A5) [PDF Link]
  2. Title: Quantitative imaging of ultrasound backscattered signals with information entropy for bone microstructure characterization (System: ArtUs EXT-1H, Probe: C5-2H60-A5) [PDF Link]
  3. Title: Muscle forces and fascicle behavior during three hamstring exercises (System: ArtUs EXT-1H, Probe: LF9-5N60-A3) [PDF Link]
  4. Title: Contribution of Stretch-Induced Force Enhancement to Increased Performance in Maximal Voluntary and Submaximal Artificially Activated Stretch-Shortening Muscle Action (System: ArtUs EXT-1H, Probe: LV8-5N60-A2) [PDF Link]