Echo-Int Research Tool - IntVIU

Echo-Int Research Tool Solutions

- Clinicians-Based User Friendly
IntVIU software is developed by Echo-Int which is designed based on clinicians needs. The clinical-like user interface reduces the difficulty for clinicians while using. Customized data presentation reduces the time clinicians or clinical researchers need for interpreting the experimental data.

- Versatile Research Calculation Modules
IntVIU provides Medical-Department-Based / Physical-Quantity-Based research calculation modules for clinicians or clinical researchers. The clinicians or clinical researchers can utilize the novel algorithm or technique without programing ability.

- No Time-Limited Data Retrospectively
IntVIU provide a exclusive data storage formats make the data can be retrospectively any time. Clinicians or clinical researchers can apply more calculation modules on the collected data offline, which can provide more flexibility for developing a research idea.
More Details

Software Features

Basic Functions

  • Brightness-mode (B-mode)
  • Imaging Parameters Adjustment
  • Real-time RF Data Display
  • Region of Interest (ROI) Selection with Arbitrary Size and Shape

Research Calculation Modules

  • Nakagami Imaging (Gastroenterology / MSK / Rehabilitation)
  • Homodyned K Imaging (Gastroenterology)
  • Entropy Imaging (Gastroenterology)
  • Strain Imaging (Cardiology / Rehabilitation)
  • Attenuation Imaging (Gastroenterology)

Storage File Format

  • MATLAB(.mat) / EXCEL(.csv) / .dat (header file needed)