A Message From the Owner

For many years I have been interested in engineering and design, as well as their history and development. Many designers and engineers have inspired me to begin on the path of creativity and to develop my skills. I use different popular design techniques and have created some of my own as well.


Some of my work has mainly centered around energy. Whether its oil and gas, or the much cleaner boimass fueled super heated boilers that energize our modern homes - I've worked in all kinds of situations with all kinds of challenges. You can get a better feel for my work by viewing my portfolio below.

- C.J. Roth

Work With Us

Employees at Echo International enjoy a positive environment and great compensation with benefits for those of direct hire. Contract employees have the possibility of working remotely. As a member of the Echo team, you can feel secure with a full-time career around people you enjoy to work with. Because here at Echo International, success resonates through all. 


Send your resumes to Info@Echo-Int.com Along with a cover letter telling why you want to work for Echo International.


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